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Target group: production engineers, planers & consultants, scientists

Deriving key figures, set up mass and energy balances, evaluate the quality of measurements, calculate efficiency ratios, forecasting resource consumptions, allocate CO2 emissions, finding optimisation potentials and bottlenecks, for different operation states and various assessment periods.

For many engineers, these are daily and at the same time tedious tasks. Tedious, because many steps are necessary between raw data in the data acquisition system and the desired results. And these steps are very time-consuming in the conventional way - directly in the data acquisition or after export into a spreadsheet.


Based on process data and the respective plant documentation, P&I schemes, As-built drawings, DCS printouts etc., we create for OpenPi.360 precise process engineering models up to complete digital (plant) twins, including the associated visualisations and the necessary reporting functions. For comprehensive 360° data insights for any operating status, at any time, from anywhere.

For the implementation of our 360° data insights wie use OpenPi.Web. Thus OpenPi.360 becomes a very easy to use tool for monitoring and optimising industrial utilities.

OpenPi.360 is based on OpenPi, our platform for the easiest handling of data from industrial utilities – process and supplier independent, fast, elaborate and transparent

Interested? Write us: hello@openpi .com