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Target group: production engineers, project managers, scientists

Process data can be available in many different ways: as raw values or average values with regular intervals or as single values, in SI or non-SI units, in the gas phase for dry or wet conditions, (e.g. O2) corrected or not, as gauge or absolute pressure. And in virtually unlimited quantities. It is clear that fast and secure access to the process data is a prerequisite for being able to work with it properly.

This is made possible by a professional OpenPi data server with the necessary databases and associated I/O functions, on which process data can be easily stored and retrieved. Without having to export it beforehand.


Depending on the respective process with its measuring points and the data generated on the one hand and the desired users, user groups and their roles on the other, we set up a costumer specific OpenPi.Server. As a new data acquisition system or on top of an existing solution. Our data server is "API ready" and can therefore be used for a wide range of tasks relating to the analysis and visualisation of process data.

OpenPi.Server is an essential basis for monitoring and optimising industrial utilities and therefore also for our 360° data insights.

OpenPi.Server is based on OpenPi, our platform for the easiest handling of data from industrial utilities – process and supplier independent, fast, elaborate and transparent

Interested? Write us: hello@openpi .com