Receiving data on a regular basis, displaying them in always the same diagrams and, if necessary, subsequently creating reports and reporting back findings – that is monitoring.

With board tools, this is time-consuming: more and more larger and larger files are saved, adding new data to the existing data is a lot of manual work (and often only possible if the formatting matches), the diagrams have to be adapted and copied into the reports.

With OpenPi, there is a simple import for this, including checking whether data is already available or missing, diagrams are created dynamically and can be predefined like reports. This not only saves time and nerves, but also creates space for the most important aspect of monitoring: gaining and sharing insights.

And for very complex processes? There is no difference with OpenPi. With a prior process analysis, all relevant correlations can be easily mapped in OpenPi and are thus already available for the next data update.

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