Data heroes watch out: OpenPi is growing!

Since going commercial at the beginning of this year our engineering tool OpenPi constantly grows. From almost zero at the end of 2018 to 700 MB in April 2019 we now hit the 1.2 GB line:

Our vision is to provide engineers and technicians with the fanciest process data tool they ever worked with and - if requested - the technical know-how to solve all related problems. Thus making time-consuming, repetitive tasks obsolete and innovative process engineering easier.

Easier to produce charts from millions of data – in OpenPi done with only a few mouse clicks:

Easier to apply complex formulas on given datasets – we use our own algorithms for that:

Easier to keep track of all your datasources – supported by OpenPis data acquisition conventions, providing the basis for sound plant monitoring and process optimization:

Our three main targets for the next year? Cutting down more costly working hours, better process engineering quality and thereby turning engineers into data heroes. And of course: hitting the 10 GB *

Dr.-Ing. Martin Horeni, 07/2019